Apple tv instructions

AppleTV has thousands of apps that allow you to watch live TV, movies, sports, music, and more. You will need an internet connection either via mobile router (supplied with your Sprinter) or a hotspot on someone’s phone. There is a default app with AppleTV called “TV” that allows you to watch live TV. There are also apps usually included at no cost with your existing cable or satellite subscription that allows you to stream live TV. Some apps may require a subscription for use.

NOTE: In order to use the AppleTV, Master Power will need to be on.

  1. Turn on the desired TV using the supplied remote.
  2. After TV is confirmed on, set TV (FRONT) and/or TV (REAR) to APPLE in the System Panel .
    Once set to APPLE, you should see the AppleTV on the TV screen.
    1. If this is not working, you may just need to change the TV input (using TV remote) to
      HDMI1. Otherwise, reference the instructions for ENTERTAINMENT CENTER.
  3. In order to get the AppleTV audio on the surround sound, you’ll need to set the Entertainment Center to AUX. Use the knob or remote to adjust volume as needed.
    1. If this is not working, reference the instructions for ENTERTAINMENT

The AppleTV remote is very easy to use. The top area is a track pad which allows
you to slide your finger in the direction you would like to go. If you press that same
trackpad, you will select whatever is highlighted on screen. The “Menu” button is
used to go back or return to previous page. The “microphone” button is used for
Siri voice control for quicker navigating or searching.


Locate the Dump HoseThe hose is located under the vehicle on the passenger side towards the bumper and is a long black plastic tube.

Find the large drain (sewer outlet) on the rear of the driver’s side of the vehicle Remove the
cap by turning counterclockwise. Attach the dump hose to the drain.

Pull the black handle – this will dump the black water tank Once the tank is empty push the handle back in. Pull the gray handle – this will dump the gray water tank. Once the tank is empty push the handle back in. The two handles can not be pulled at the same time. Dumping is completed – remove the hose and replace the cap, return the hose to its container There are two black inlets above the drain opening. These are tank washouts. The left one is for the gray and the right one is for the black. You can attach a garden hose to the inlet to help wash out the tank and force out the tank’s contents when dumping. This is not required but helpful, especially with the black tank.



The Fusion Radio controls all the rear audio. It can be accessed from either the Fusion head unit (this is the one with the large round knob), any of the touchscreens in the back or the one by the driver(via the green Fusion button) or the Fusion-Link app you can download on your phone(note you must have the Fusion connected to wifi for this to work) The Fusion input for TV sound is AUX1. To hear the front TV over the speakers you must set the Fusion to AUX1. The audio for the rear TV is via the wireless headphone only.


 Front TV -This TV is a Smart 4K Samsung TV in most cases. You have three ways to watch this TV. The first is the digital antenna to pick up local free over the air channels. To access this feature, first you need to do a channel scan. Use the Home button on the remote to pull up the menu along the bottom of the TV, then use the remote to move to the setting menu (looks like agear) Now go to Broadcasting and then select the Auto tuning then select Air. This will scan for all the local channels available to you. Note if you leave your hometown you will need to rescan for different channels. The second option is the HDMI port, it is located under the Fusion radio in acircular port. Just plug in via the HDMI port, laptop, game system, Firestick, etc. Then use the home button on the remote to change the source to HDMI/unknow on the TV. The third option is streaming. To accomplish this you will need awifi connection. You have several options for WIfi service (see below wifi instructions) You have some apps built into the TV, Netflix, HULU and Amazon buttons are already built into the remote, just press them to access the app. You can also download any other streaming apps you like by pressing the
home button and selecting the App input option via the remote.

Rear TV

This TV is an Insignia, it is not a smart TV. You have three options for viewing as well. Option 1 is the digital antenna to pick up local free over-the-air channels. To access this feature, first, you need to do a channel scan. Press the input button on the remote and then select Antenna. Now press menu, then channels, then auto-tuning, then antenna to do the channel scan. The other two viewing options are accessed by using the input button on the remote to change the input to HDMI. Now you will be able to use the Media Switcher. This is located under the Fusion radio. Select rear at the top then select HDMI if you wish to use the HDMI port for viewing. If you wish to stream you will be using Apple TV, to access this select rear and then Apple TV via the Media Switcher. You do not have to sign up for Apple TV, an Apple TV box is installed in the vehicle and you can use this to stream any app you want. Just use
the Apple remote control to access Apple TV. You can use your iPhone for the initial setup or the remote. Then go to the App store and download any App you want to use.

WiFi setup options – WIFI Network Name IBR600C / Password WA212000470571


Option 1: Step CG -Step CG is the company that pre-installed two SIM cards in the router of your vehicle. You can call them and sign up for service, they do everything over the phone and are the quickest way to get set up on the router.

Option 2: Your wireless provider. You contact your current wireless provider and let them know you need a 2FF SIM card for your vehicle’s router and a service plan. They will send you the card and you install it into the router. Note sometimes your provider may be able to use the cards already installed in the router, check with your wireless provider.

Option 3: Mobile Hotspot -You turn your phone into a mobile hotspot, and get Wifi that way, or bring a mobile hotspot into the vehicle.

The wifi router is located in the back of the vehicle. While standing by the rear cargo doors outside the vehicle open the passenger side cargo door. Then open the cabinet door and the router is located at the top. It will have a piece of blue paper on it that has the number for Step CG on it. It will also have a sticker on it, that sticker has important information you will need for set up. Please take a photo of it so you have it for reference when setting up
your Wifi.

If your provider asks for the SIM card numbers, those can be found in the black binder that came in the black bag that says Midwest Automotive Designs. There will be two cards that look like credit cards with a rectangle punched out of them. They have the SIM card number on them.